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ICCM Bible Institute is excited to announce the launch of its new virtual campus cohorts. Our virtual campuses are designed to complement the local church. Our virtual campus cohorts will provide students the opportunity to enroll in class from anywhere in the world.

Our satellite campus system will complement our virtual online campuses in convenient locations across the country, making it easy for our students to get the education they need to further their careers in ministry while also enjoying a hybrid community of academic fellowship and studies.

With these new campuses, ICCM Bible Institute is poised to provide a superior educational experience to its students in the tradition of excellence in Christian training.

The ICCM Bible Institute has partnered with churches across the globe to provide graduate and post-graduate level education classes on-site at campus locations convenient to learners.

Our virtual cohorts provide a unique opportunity for students to take classes near them, and for the participating churches to grow their leaders from within.

Those churches benefit from preparing candidates for effective ministry through ICCM’s array of studies. Each campus cohort is encouraged to facilitate a minimum of 24 students per semester.

Dr. H. Michael Chitwood, ICCM Bible Institute Chancellor, said, “Every student deserves an opportunity to be the best he or she can be and we’ve found that those students who take the opportunity to become a part of our student body go on to become great leaders because of the confidence and competencies they gain through their academic success at ICCM Bible Institute”.

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ICCM Bible Institute Mission Statement

Our online Bible college courses will set a solid foundation of trained church leadership and provide proven Christian business principles.
The ICCM Bible Institute exists to equip men and women to become biblically knowledgeable, academically proficient, spiritually informed, financially free, engaged leaders who will impact their church, community, and the world through providing diversified, real-world applicable, live and interactive studies.

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From the Chancellor

Dr. H. Michael Chitwood is a renowned author, educator and Christian leader who God has used to touch a multitude of lives around the world. He is famous for his efforts to equip churches and non-profits with the resources they need to ensure they are legally compliant and internally protected.

He is the foremost expert in the fields of non-profit accounting and law. While his influence and prestigious oversight impact over eight thousand congregations annually, he is a man who has always made himself available to God’s people regardless of who they are and where they are located.

He travels more than 500,000 miles per year in his capacity as the Chairman of the Board of Chitwood and Chitwood. ICCM is blessed to be guided by Dr. H. Michael Chitwood’s wisdom and visionary faith.

The International Congress of Churches and Ministers is an International, non-profit, Christian organization committed to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the establishment of His Church throughout the world.

The Congress provides a unique forum for churches and church leaders to come together from around the globe to discuss issues of common concern, learn from one another, and pray for revival and spiritual awakening.

The Congress has helped pastors, teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and lay business leaders achieve the next level academically and spiritually.

The methodology of instruction at ICCM BIBLE INSTITUTE is academically sound, affords spiritual growth, and gives practical guidance to the students which they can use immediately in their church, their community, and in their businesses.

We are prepared to partner with you for a greater future!

H. Michael Chitwood, ThD, DDiv


My journey is in the pursuit of God and the truths of Scripture. The Holy Spirit has brought me through the fires of awakening, yet I have seen so much more that could be done in the local church and for the Kingdom with trained leadership.

“An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.” (Proverbs 18:15)
My roots are deep in sound theology. I have earned Doctors’ Degrees, and have my sails up in the Spirit.
Under my decades of ministry, my churches have exploded into new realms of renewal and spiritual awakening. I have served on many boards and committees. I have reached around the world with a powerful message of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit as a sought-after conference and crusade speaker, both nationally and internationally. I believe that all my life experiences have prepared me for this opportunity.

ICCM BIBLE INSTITUTE will set a solid foundation of trained leadership for any church at any level and provide proven Christian business principles.

We are prepared to partner with you for a greater future!

Ron Phillips, D.Min.


Dr. Michael Chitwood

Vice Chancellor
Dr. Ron Phillips

Chief Executive Assistant to the Chancellor
Dr. Shannon C. Cook

Dean of Student Affairs
Dr. Calvin Tibbs

Dean of Registration (Registrar)
Dr. Lucy Gonzales

Dean of Academics
Transcripts – Students – Transfer In/Out
Dr. Debbie Booth

Dean of Financial Affairs (Services)
Financial Assistance
Dr. J. B. Williams

Alumni Fellowship
Dr. Alan Johnson

Dean of Virtual Campus Cohorts (VCC)
Dr. Ronnie Shaw

Dean of Procurement
Director Tim Haney

Bishop of Constitutional Procedures
Bishop Dominic Macharia